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Alissa Accountant

Alissa Accountant

What are demographics? In marketing, demographics are the characteristics of a buyer persona (aka a small, well-defined segment of your target market). They include age, gender, race, education level, income level, marital status, and location.

Why are demographics important? Demographics enable you to better understand who your target customer is and how to reach them - allowing you to develop tailored messages and promotions for that particular audience.

How do I use demographics in my daily marketing? With demographics, you can find the best marketing channels and media to reach your target audience. They allow you to define, test, and compare different segments, and identify your ideal customer base.

35 - 45 years
40% male, 60% female
Secondary/High School - Bachelor's Degree
Annual Income:
$50,000 - $75,000
United States of America

What are firmographics? Firmographics are the characteristics of a business (similar to what demographics are for people) - especially if you have a B2B sales model. They include data points such as company size, industry, location, and annual sales.

Why are firmographics important? By understanding the characteristics of a business (aka firmographics), you can craft tailored marketing messages. They also allow you to identify potential market segments and target them with precision.

How do I use firmographics in my daily marketing? Use firmographics to identify and segment target audiences, create personalized messaging, and craft marketing campaigns that have a greater chance of success.

Entry - Senior
Fortune 500, Finance, Professional, Technology, Manufacturing, Retail, Education, Insurance
Annual Sales:
$500,000,000 - $1,000,000,000
Employees & Stages:
500 - 1000
Large Enterprise
United States of America
Pain Points

What are pain points? Your ideal clients (aka buyer personas) are facing small and big challenges and problems in their daily lives - these are their pain points.

Why are pain points important? Your clients don't care about you, your product, or your features. They only care about what's in it for them. Know their challenges inside-out, and you can showcase your product or service as the ideal solution.

How do I use pain points in my daily marketing? Include pain points in all your marketing texts: from your website and landing pages to emails, ads, and everything else. Your potential clients will feel understood, and you create trust and rapport.

  • Lack of stablished workflow with other departments
  • Help new members of the team to be on the same page
  • Comply with specific rules regarding financial reporting
  • Complete internal and external audits
  • Lack of knowledge on auditing softwares
  • Create compliance learning evaluations
  • Being understanding of company's financial goals
  • In charge of reviewing reports or paperwork from other employees
  • Improve productivity at work
  • Stress levels rise up during month's end
  • Motivate colleagues to perform at a higher level

What are goals? Your ideal clients (or buyer personas) have aspirations and dreams of what they want to achieve, who they want to be, and what they need to get done - these are their goals.

Why are goals important? Your clients main motivation is to improve their business and private life - they’re not primarily interested in your products and services. Show how your offer helps them achieve their goals - and you’re golden.

How do I use goals in my daily marketing? Like with pain points, all your marketing copy should reflect your buyer personas’ most important goals. If they can see themselves achieving those goals, buying your offer becomes a no-brainer.

  • Get a higher salary
  • Finish bachelor as a high-rated graduate
  • Attend seminars about financial regulations
  • Implement the newest auditing software
  • Learn from the CFO and the other members of the department
  • Manage company's books transparently
  • Collect data on income and expenditures, and make assessments on that data
  • Make suggestions for improvements or company-wide changes
  • Get a role promotion
  • Finish bachelor as a high-rated graduate
  • Participate in external audits

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